Kim Dotcom announces plans to relaunch Megaupload file sharing site


Controversial web entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has announced plans to relaunch the Megaupload file sharing site.

The original Megaupload site was shut down by the US government in 2012 who said it was used for piracy.

Kim Dotcom has said the new site will reinstate all the old user accounts and logins from the original Megaupload and will give the 100 million old users premium access for the new site.

He said the new Megaupload will give users 100GB of storage and no transfer limits on data.

He also said that users will be able to sync all their devices to their account.

Prior to it being taken offline, Megaupload was hugely popular and at its peak had more than 50 million users per day and was the 13th most visited website in the world.

The German born entrepreneur, who has been living in New Zealand announced his plans during a series of tweets.

He said the new version of Megaupload would launch on 20th January 2017, which is exactly five years to the day since police raided his home over the “massive” amount of pirated content that could be downloaded from the site.

“Megaupload comes back on January 20th 2017, the 5th anniversary of the raid. It will be better than the original and it will feel like home,” he tweeted.

“I’ll be the first tech billionaire who got indicted, lost everything and created another billion $ tech company while on bail,” he added.

He also urged old urged old staff members to get in touch to help work on the new site.

Since 2012, Dotcom has spent most of his time living in New Zealand, where he tried his hand at politics and also tried to launch another file sharing site called Mega, although he resigned from the board in 2013, complaining the company was subject of a hostile takeover.

Photo credit: portalgda via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-SA


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