The original Kingdom Rush tower defence game is now free on Android


If you’re anything like me, you probably enjoy playing the odd game on your smartphone. Growing up with video games, I’ve still retained a penchant for having a quick blast on a game or two. However, with the responsibilities of adult life comes limited time, and I no longer have weeks on end to play through the kind of games that can eat up a huge portion of your life.

Tower defence (or tower defense, as the Americans say) games however are easy to pick up, play for 15 minutes, and put down. And one of the very best games for smartphones is Ironhide Studios’ Kingdom Rush (which, incidentally, spawned two successful sequels – Kingdom Rush Frontiers and Kingdom Rush Origins), which is now absolutely free for Android in the Google Play Store.

Kingdom Rush free for Android

Kingdom Rush Android

It’s always nice to get free stuff, and Kingdom Rush is one of the most enjoyable tower defence games around. If you’re not familiar with the concept – it’s simple: build a selection of barracks, wizard towers, archer stations, and various other defences, in order to stop a marching army from reaching a specific point on the edge of the screen. It’s basically a rip-roaring game full of trolls, werewolves, mages, knights and all manner of nasties. But it’s immense fun.

Unfortunately, even though it is free, there are still some in-app purchases (to buy special heroes to assist you in your quest), but in general it’s not necessary to pay for these as the game is quite playable without, and you’re not blocked from progressing if you don’t buy anything. The later levels can be maddening, and a little easier if you do pay for an extra cache of diamonds in exchange for some super-weapons, but they can still be overcome if not.

Kingdom Rush Android

On the whole, Kingdom Rush is one of the most enjoyable Android games out there, and I’ve spent many an hour on it (and the sequels) over the last few years. So get it while it’s free!