KlaiKlai app helps users discover what’s near them in Thailand


A location-based map app has been created that helps users to find what is around them when they are in Thailand.

The app which is called Klai Klai is available in both Thai and English covers 77 provinces, 1.2 million points of interest, 14.6 million physical addresses covering literally hundreds of different categories.

The app was produced in conjunction with initiatives laid out by the Thai government that concentrate on trying to increase both domestic and international tourism.

The initiative seems to be working with reports that international tourism witnessed a growth of 14.12% between January and April 2016 compared with the same period in the previous year whilst domestic tourism also rose by 6.5%

The Co- Founder of KlaiKlai said “steady growth has shown that it is important for the travel and tourism industry to continue developing quality applications that can assist both locals and tourists while they travel in Thailand”.

The app which provides quality mapping services follows on from the success of YourSingaporeMap.com which was launched December 2015. This service has attracted more than 3 million users over the last six months and was the perfect place to trial the service before introducing it in Thailand.

The app combines Smart Location Search Technology, graphical data, conversational search and artificial intelligence to understand search queries and deliver relevant location-based results. There are plans to add support for Mandarin Chinese, Russian and Japanese users at a later date

KlaiKlai’s mobile application can be downloaded for free on both Android and iOS platforms. It is also accessible via web browsers on laptop, desktop computers and mobile devices.


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