Kodi BLASTS illegal add-ons and sellers of fully loaded boxes


The group of volunteers behind Kodi have criticised those who use the platform illegally.

In an official blog post, the the Kodi hit out at those who create the illegal add-ons and other repositories which mean users access copyrighted content.

Kodi said they hope the illegal streams and add-ons are closed and do not care if the closure results in a reduction in its user base.

“Due to recent legal action against websites and repositories promoting add-ons that use pirated (stolen) media content, many have shut-down their services. This is driving a large increase in users complaining in our forums and on social media about their “Kodi Box” no longer working,” the post read.

“Team Kodi (the unpaid volunteers who create Kodi and manage the Kodi name/brand for love not money) have never manufactured a ‘Kodi Box’ and we do not supply media content. People who have been selling ‘Fully Loaded’ devices on Amazon, eBay, Facebook, etc. or provide ‘IPTV Streaming’ services with impossibly $cheap subscriptions to improbably $large selections of Movies, TV shows, Live Sports, etc. are not affiliated with the Kodi project. They are criminals who profit from piracy.”

Kodi said the only reason the illegal add-ons exist is because “the operators are die-hard fans of the advertising revenues being generated”, and are not fans of Kodi itself.

“If you post in our forums or social channels about a pirate add-on or streaming service not working please expect ZERO sympathy or support. We don’t care. We care less than not caring. We don’t care biggly. And to counter a popular comment; if the Kodi userbase drops a huge percentage because pirate services flee or die, we’re fine with that,” the post continued.

Kodi box

An example of a so called ‘Kodi box’

While Kodi is perfectly legal, it can be used to access copyrighted content. People are also selling media players with many of the illegal streams already pre-installed. These boxes have become known as “fully loaded Kodi boxes”, that is despite Kodi never actually manufacturing any hardware.

Earlier this month, some of the most popular illegal Kodi add-ons and repository sites were shut down following a major lawsuit in the United States.

The sites, which includes the popular TV Add-Ons disappeared without a trace, with the operators of the site now potentially facing fines running into the millions of dollars.

The threat of such severe punishment has also resulted in many smaller add-ons shutting up shop.

Earlier this week, an anti-piracy group in the UK revealed plans to try and prosecute people who use Kodi to watch copyrighted content, in addition to the those who manage the illegal streams or sell the fully loaded boxes.


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