Kodi users tricked into installing add-on that knows if you’re watching illegal streams


Kodi users may have inadvertently downloaded an add-on designed to snoop on them and monitor if they are streaming pirated content.

The software, called KN Addon Caretaker, can tell if the add-ons installed onto the streaming device are legitimate or if they are being used to stream copyrighted content such as movies, TV shows and live sport.

If the software detects illegal content has been streamed it displays a message on screen warning you to uninstall the “harmful” pirated add-ons.

The message remains on screen unless the offending add-ons are removed.

According to a post on the TVAddons site, developers of at least two Kodi skins, Estuary MOD V2 and Embuary, have rolled the KN Addon Caretaker out to users via a new update.

The site reports that the developers decided to include KN Addon Caretaker in their own software in order to protect themselves from possible copyright lawsuits as they don’t want people using their software for streaming copyrighted content.

However, some users have criticised the move saying they installed the update without realising it. They also hit out at the possibility of having their viewing habits monitored by a third party.

“What gives you the right to play Big Brother?” one user said.

The only way to get rid of KN Addon Caretaker is to install the Estuary MOD V2 and Embuary skins.“This seems like another attack against the addons that made Kodi popular in the first place,” TVAddons said.

“This seems like another attack against the addons that made Kodi popular in the first place,” wrote TVAddons.

“As abusive lawsuits have began to plague the unofficial Kodi community, we’ve noticed an alarming trend in official Kodi developers attacking the unofficial addon community, within the official Kodi forums as well as over social media.

“Many of these attacks are unwarranted considering the fact that once upon a time Kodi itself was home to many of the addons which they now claim to hate.”

It added: “We strongly believe that end users should always have the right to choose, otherwise what’s the point?”


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