Korea’s SK Telecom agrees deal with CAT to develop Internet of Things network in Thailand


Korea’s largest mobile operator, SK Telecom has announced it will develop a network for the so called Internet of Things in Thailand.

Under the contract, SK Telecom will work with Thailand CAT Telecom to develop the network in Bangkok and Phuket.

The company said it will begin a trial of its IoT network in April.

IoT technology or the Internet of Things aims to connect everyday objects with the internet, allowing them to send and receive data.

In Bangkok, SK Telecom and CAT will build an IoT network near the Grand Palace to provide a location tracking service for tourists, which will allow people to hail a taxi or find lost object, the company said.

In Phuket, which has been singled out by the Thai government to become the country’s first “smart city”, a LoRa-based IoT network will be developed that will offer a vehicle location tracking service, as well as other IoT services such as smart street lighting and smart metering.

“Through collaboration with SK Telecom, a global leading player in the field of IoT, CAT Telecom will be able to successfully carry out the government project,” said Sanpachai Huvanandana, CEO of CAT Telecom.

“CAT Telecom will work with SK Telecom to deliver the first IoT service in Thailand so as to realize a true Smart Life.”

“SK Telecom will contribute to the growth of the ICT industry in Thailand by working together with CAT Telecom in the area of IoT, while nurturing a new ICT ecosystem by cooperating with many related companies,” said Cha In-hyok, Executive Vice President and Head of IoT Business Division of SK Telecom.

“Going forward, SK Telecom will collaborate with CAT Telecom in more areas to create more success stories in Thailand and other Southeast Asian markets.”


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