LastPass password management app is now free on smartphones


LastPass, which is one of the most popular password management apps (along with aPassword) is now free to use on smartphones.

“Now, if you get started with LastPass on your Android, iPhone, or Windows Phone, you’ll have completely free access from your smartphone, and can even sync across smartphones for free,” the company said in a blog post today. “The same is true for tablets, if that’s where you get started.”

LastPass is now free!

In this day and age where everybody has dozens, if not hundreds, of passwords for all manner of websites, having a password management app is pretty much essential. Not only do they store your passwords securely, and often synchronise them across multiple devices, but they can also suggest long, hard to guess passwords and keep them safe.

The LastPass apps is now free also if you’re using it only on the desktop. However, if you want to use the app on a desktop and a mobile then you’ll have to pay. LastPass Premium costs $12 per years, and besides the cross-platform features, it also adds multi-factor authentication, removes all advertising, and gives you priority customer support.

There is also a free 14-day trial of the paid tier, so you could always sign up and see whether you need synching between devices, or can make do with keeping your passwords on a phone.

You can download the iOS version here and for Android here.

SOURCE: The Verge.


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