Latest Google Chrome update brings host of new benefits for users


Google has released its latest version of Google Chrome.

Chrome is already the most popular web browser, but the latest version, Chrome 55, includes a host of new improvements and performance tweaks.

Arguably the biggest benefit for users, especially those using an Android device is the addition of JavaScript Heap Reduction and Zone Memory Reduction.

This means that those running Chrome on older or lower spec devices will see an impressive 35% reduction in memory usage – thus meaning a significant improvement on performance.

Probably the most standout feature on the new version of Chrome is the new downloads tab. This allows users to download full webpages so that they can be read offline – handy if you are visiting places with a poor signal or you are worried about data usage.

Another advantage of Chrome 55 will be that audio and video players in Chrome now include a save icon that lets you download media in the background.

Chrome 55

Image: Android Police

All saved content will be available in a new Downloads screen. This can be arranged in a variety of different ways such as chronologically, by webpage, video, audio, images, and documents.

Other minor tweaks include highlighting misspelt words in the text fields.

Chrome 55 is being rolled out at the present time on Android and has also been released on Windows 10, Linux and MacOS.


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