Latest leaked photos reveal iPhone 7 will look mostly the same as the iPhone 6, 6S


It seems that barely a week goes by without there being leaked images of the iPhone 7 but the latest ones appear to be the best yet.

Perhaps what is not surprising to many observers is the fact that it looks mostly the same as the iPhone 6 and 6S.

An image of the phone which is due to be released in September was published by a Chinese tech site and it appeared to confirm that the iPhone 7 could easily be mistaken for its predecessor.

The main difference appears to be that Apple have move the antenna lines to the side rather than going round the back as is the case at present.

This makes them less visible and doesn’t disrupt the appearance of the back of the device.

The picture appears to show that the new model will have a larger camera lens on the back.

iPhone 7

This camera is expected to be a key feature of the new phone with Apple predicted to be unveiling a dual lens camera that will allow for more detailed and better looking images.

The camera bump now looks to be larger than before; both in terms of the depth but also that it is much wider.

The images, which are believed to be of a prototype, only show the back of the device and don’t show any “iPhone” markings.

This means that many other rumours still cannot be confirmed so we will wait to see if there is a headphone jack or not.

In more supposed leaked images obtain by 9 to 5 Mac, another version of the iPhone 7 can be seen with what looks like a dual camera. The photos also show the mute button has been removed.


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