Latest leaked video provides best look yet at new iPhone 7 Plus


A video has been leaked online that shows a mockup of the new iPhone 7 Plus, giving users the best look yet at what Apple’s new handset may look like.

The video, created by Chinese tech company Be Sound, seems to confirm all the rumours surrounding the hardware on Apple’s new plus sized model.

The new features on the 5.5 inch device include the new blue colour option, a dual lens camera, more discreet antenna lines and the inclusion of a smart connector in place of the headphone jack.

The mock up was uploaded to YouTube by Lewis Hilsenteger, aka Unbox Therapy in order to help promote his new Indiegogo campaign.

The company hopes that Apple’s decision to ditch the headphone jack will boost sales of their new headphones – which connect to an iPhone via the lightning port.

iPhone 7 Plus mock up

While clearly a marketing stunt by Unbox Therapy and Be Sound, the video is described as the “first accurate mock up of the iPhone 7 Plus”.

Apple is expected to reveal the new iPhone 7 lineup in September, with speculation mounting the new phones could be in stores as early as September 16th.

However, some rumours have claimed that the iPhone 7 will actually be called the iPhone 6SE.

The name iPhone 6SE would perhaps make sense, given that the next iPhone is only expected to be an iterative update, with Apple widely tipped to overhaul the whole iPhone range in 2017.

This rumour has been backed up by analysts who have repeatedly claimed that Apple will move to a three year design cycle, which further suggests that the next major design refresh of the iPhone will come next year.


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