Latest update is going to make Google Chrome a whole lot faster


A new update for Google Chrome will soon be available on macOS, Windows and Linux that will dramatically increase speed with pages loading 28% faster than on other platforms.

Google have said, “When reloading a page, browsers will check with the web server if cached resources are still usable, a process known as validation.

“This typically results in hundreds of network requests per page issued to dozens of domains.

“On mobile devices, the high latency and transient nature of mobile connections mean that this behaviour can produce serious performance issues.”

The new version of Chrome which will be known as Google Chrome 56, has a simplified reload behaviour that uses a lot less bandwidth meaning that 28% increase in page load speeds can be achieved as well as there being 60% less validation.

It is recommended that users update to the latest to benefit from the updates.

Starting last month, HTTP pages that collect passwords, credit cards details, or any other sensitive information, will be highlighted as Not Secure alongside the URL on Google Chrome 56.

Google hopes the change will help to encourage widespread HTTPS adoption.

If you use Chrome on a macOS device, you will also benefit from FLAC audio playback.

To update to the latest version all you need to do is open the Chrome app at go to the three-dot menu in the top right hand corner.

If an update is pending, the icon will be colour coded either green, orange or red.

Green means an update has been available for two days, Orange – an update has been available for four days, and Red – an update has been available for seven days.

If your icon is not one of these colours, then you are operating the latest version of Chrome.

Source: 9to5 Google


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