Latest Whatsapp leak hints at major new features including music sharing


The latest rumour that is flying around regarding Whatsapp is that the popular messaging app will allow users to directly share and listen to music from the app.

The information was revealed by the German site Macerkopf who claimed that they had been using the developer site of Whatsapp when they spotted the new feature.

It is believed that the feature will allow users to transfer music that is located locally on their device as well as possibly importing them from the likes Apple Music or Google Play Music.

It appears that the feature will work by the recipient viewing the album artwork and a music icon which, if they tap on the icon, will allow them to listen to the music.

Whatsapp is also trialling public groups meaning that anyone with a relevant link can join in the chat. Another rumour suggests that a Twitter like feature will become available that allows users to quickly chat with people in their address book.

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The final update, which may not appeal to everyone, is the feature that will allow giant emojis to be included in messages.

These latest updates seem to be in direct response to the updates announced by Apple in relation to their Messages as part of the iOS 10 update later this year.

Apple had previously claimed it would do away with boring text in favour of a “multimedia extravaganza” The new features were displayed at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco claiming they would offer “more expressive and animated ways to message friends and family.”


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