Latest Whatsapp update adds formatting to messages


The latest Whatsapp update will enable users to add formatting to their messages.

The new update will allow you to turn text bold or italic and you will also be able to add a strikethrough.

The new feature has now become available on both Android and iOS after being made available to some users as part of its beta testing period.

For most, the new updates will be installed automatically via version 2.12.535 on Android and 2.12.17 on iOS.

Rather than clicking a button or icon, as is normally the case on other apps, the new feature is enabled by including certain characters in the text itself.

For example, if you include asterisks at the beginning and end of the word or message it will turn it bold. Adding an underscore in the same manner will turn the text italic. Add tildes to the start and end text to add a strikethrough, like this: ~strikethrough~

Being able to add formatting to text comes after Whatsapp recently started allowing users to share documents and store photos.

The move comes as Facebook owned Whatsapp looks to offer a wider range of features so that the app could be used in the workplace as is the case with the likes of LINE or Slack.


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