Layer Opens to the Public Allowing App Developers to Add Messaging


Rich messaging capabilities have plagued developers, but help is on the way. Layer has released their service to the public, which allows developers to use their messaging solution in any app that they develop. Layer, which has been in beta for over a year, also released a new product named Atlas.

Atlas works perfectly alongside the company’s messaging solution. A toolkit, Atlas lets developers quickly integrate messaging into iOS and Android, mimicking the iMessage feature.

The company has stated that their goal is to allow developers to add messaging to their applications with just a few lines of code. Using the company’s service, developers will be able to quickly develop apps with messaging capabilities that would otherwise take months for many developers.

Layer stresses that users can utilize Layer for standalone messaging apps, or use their messaging solution as an added feature to a complex application. The company allows for more than just text. Voice, video messages, text and, of course, photo sharing are all available within Layer.

The initial Layer debut came in 2013 at Disrupt. Immediately, 2,500 eager developers signed up for the company’s beta launch. Now, there have been over 10,000 requests to use the company’s service. Pop and Imogi are two big adopters of the company’s service that have found great success with their apps.

The company hopes to spur more activity with its service. Prior to being released to the public, there were 1,500 active developers utilizing the Layer infrastructure.

Pricing is based on an app’s monthly users. Free tiers are available for prototypes and testing. Apps that reach over 1,000 monthly users will be able to start at the $99 tier, which is meant for up to 25,000 monthly users.

Atlas brings further power to layer by allowing customization. Atlas includes conversation bubbles, delivery status, location support, emoji and dozens of other features to be added to the company’s messaging platform.


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