Leaked: Meet LG’s New Android Phone – the G4


If you’ve been following LG, you know that the company has been teasing about a new smartphone for weeks. But it looks like LG accidently leaked nearly all of the details of its newest, the G4, before the unveiling event.
Reportedly, LG embedded the URL for its unfinished promotional page for the G4 in the source code of its teaser page for the new device. The URL was discovered on Saturday and leaked online, but LG quickly took the page offline. A few major tech outlets, including The Verge, published images and details of the phone.

The page revealed all the detailed specifications of the phone, including an optional leather back, which LG has hinted at previously.

The G4 will come with a 5.5” screen and quad HD screen. Of course, it also comes with a micro SD slot and a 3,000 mAh battery.

The design and detailed specs of the phone are, admittedly, lackluster, but the phone’s camera is quite impressive. The G4 is expected to feature a 16MP sensor and a manual shooting mode that will give users more control over things like the camera’s shutter speed. Users will also have the option of shooting in JPEG or RAW.

No details have been leaked about the phone’s other specifications, like its processor. But LG is expected to reveal more details about the G4 on April 28 during its press event.


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