Lego jobs come to Thailand


Bangkok animation studio Picture This Studio has proven that it’s a creative force to be reckoned with, after it revealed that it will produce more TV and web content for Lego.

The animation studio is comprised mainly by Thais and around a one-fifth by foreigners, which leads to a creative dynamic in the company where eastern and western influences combine.

“Lego is our main client, which we got through our parent company, the M2 family. We work closely with Lego’s team from the script to the final works” – Nicolai Bartels Thomsen, Picture This Studio

It’s mainly cartoon TV series, commercials, web content and social media (like YouTube) that Picture This produces for Lego, but it plans to have the majority of its business in TV series by next year, as well as some TV commercials and short movies and videos.

In Thailand, Picture This Studio is already well know for productions such as Lego Friends, the “Guardians of the Galaxy – The Milano” lego commercial, and a short movie called “Catch the Crooks”.

Picture This Studio Thailand

Not only does the studio create the final animations and movies, but they are also highly skilled at concept design (such as storyboards, design and art direction), as well as animation production and compositing – they need to have a wide range of skills to handle the production process for beginning to end.

“Our studio was approved by the Thai government via the Board of Investment programme, which allows us to attract some of the best talent from within Thailand and around the globe. We are in the right location to be able to bring ‘Southeast Asia meets Europe meets North America’ to bring international quality with affordability”

But the company also provides services to advertising agencies and corporations that require first-class animations – the kind of thing you might see in movies or adverts on TV. According to Thomsen, there’s a huge demand for animation in Thailand and elsewhere in South East Asia, but the company has done amazingly well to also attract clients in the west.

Animation is a highly technical and a creative skill, and it’s companies like Picture This Studio who realise that Thailand does in fact have the talent to compete with the best in the world.

You can find out more about Picture This Studio on their website.


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