Lengthy delays for the launch of 4G in Thailand


If you were looking forward to soon being able to use faster, more reliable 4G mobile internet in Thailand then it looks like most of us could be using 3G for the foreseeable future.

Despite it being announced that 4G in Thailand would be ready this year, it is being reported that the whole project could be delayed.

According to the Bangkok Post, the proposed auctions for 4G licenses, which were due to take place in April, may now be put on hold due to new laws relating to Thailand’s proposed ‘digital economy’ not yet being formulated.

Whilst a delay in the launch of 4G in Thailand is perhaps not all that surprising, what is a concern is that if the new digital economy laws are not enacted by April, 4G might actually not be available in Thailand for sometime to come.

A source quoted in the Bangkok Post said: “There’s no guarantee that 4G will even be rescheduled in the absence of the digital economy laws.”

There are also concerns surrounding Thailand’s proposed digital economy initiative and whether the government can get the idea off the ground.

It seems that the initiative is being held back because of delays in selecting members for the proposed national digital economy committee, which in turn delays the formulation of legislative measures including the draft of new digital and economic bills and the overhaul of existing laws.

Originally the committee was to be made up of 32 members but now the Council of State wants it to be reduced to 12 members.

Further hold ups are also to do with selecting a chair for the new national digital economy committee, with the Council of State preferring a deputy prime minister as chair instead of prime minister Prayuth Chan-o-Cha, reports the Bangkok Post.

The delay in the digital economy bill also means that it is still to be officially determined if 4G in Thailand will be available to the public when it is launched, or if it will only be available for commercial or national security purposes.

Source: Bangkok Post



  1. St John Manson on

    This article confuses me as I’m reading it on an iPhone having downloaded IT via DTAC’s 4G service.

  2. ChrisWard99 on

    Not surprised that it’s delayed, most major projects are always delayed in Thailand! But to be fair, I also think the launch of 4G experience delays in UK too.

  3. ChrisWard99 on

    You are lucky, 4G is hardly available anywhere else. Actually, I think Phuket is the only place outside of Bangkok where 4G is being tested at the moment.

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  5. Planning is not part of the culture in this part of the world. It’s a good thing they don’t have funerals here…… As the saying goes” they would screw up a two car funeral “!

  6. I have been using 4G data service for the past 9 months here in Chonburi. And the coverage is expanding everyday as i travel around. (download speeds of up to 40Mbps and upload speed of 10Mbps).

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