Lenovo’s new Magic View smartwatch has two screens


Perhaps the biggest issue with smartwatches is the tiny screen size. If it’s too big it looks quite ungainly, but too small and the display is unreadable.

But at the TechWorld conference in Beijing today, Lenovo unveiled its Magic View smartwatch concept that has two screens. The watch initially looks quite similar to the LG Watch Urbane and the Moto 360 with a round display, but underneath is its second screen which acts as a virtual interactive picture.

Magic View overcomes smartwatch issues

Lenovo’s Chief Technology Officer, Peter Hortensius, noted that the problems with most smartwatches is that the screens are not large enough to show a picture that is immersive and of a decent size.

But to solve this challenge, users can look into the second screen of the Magic View like a periscope for more personal messages and more immersive experiences.

Lenovo says that the second screen removes the screen’s physical limitations by using optical reflections to produce an image 20 times larger than the watch face. And showing off a few examples, Lenovo demonstrated using the second display to show a bigger map, a photo slideshow and a video.

But aside from wearables, Lenovo also showed off its plans to make smartphones more like PC’s with the Smart Cast idea. Rather than limiting the experience to the phone, Smart Cast projects a virtual touch screen onto a table or surface.

Lenovo Projector Smartphone

That’s because it has a built-in laser projector, and infrared motion detection. Lenovo says it’s the first combination that will allow users to type effectively on a virtual keyboard. There are also apparently plans to make the concept work with apps such as the calculator, drawing, note-taking and editing in PowerPoint.

Furthermore, Smart Cast will act as a full projector to turn any wall into a movie theatre, presentation screen, or just to play games. A stage demo was held in which the Smart Cast phone projected sheet music on the wall as a pianist played onstage.

Lenovo also reckons that Smart Cast will change the way people chat in video calls, while being able to view content on one screen and a different image on the projected screen simultaneously.

There’s no word yet when the Magic View and Smart Case will be available or how much, but stay tuned…

SOURCE: TechRadar.


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