Lenovo Sets Its Eyes on Thailand’s PC Market


Lenovo is setting its eyes on Thailand’s PC market, hoping to be number one in the market this year. The company hopes to snag at least 20% of the market share and plans to increase its investment budget by 60%.

How will Lenovo take over the market? By increasing sales in emerging markets and protecting its current strong market segments. Jeerawut Wongpimonporn, the company’s general manager in Thailand, said their goal to become number one in Thailand’s PC market is a part of the company’s bigger plan to become number one in Asean. Thailand is just one of three countries Lenovo will be focusing on. The other two are Vietnam and Malaysia. Lenovo has already boosted its budget in these markets to increase sales.

Part of Lenovo’s strategy is to maintain its presence in small and medium-sized businesses. The company also hopes to expand its consumer and corporate reach, which currently account for 70% and 30% of the company’s revenue respectively.

Jeerawut explained that Lenovo will be more aggressive in corporate marketing with System X servers and PCs. It will also redesign its consumer products to suit the SME market.

To strengthen its corporate market share, Lenovo will invest more in building brand awareness through sales channels, promotion and new product launches. Value-added software and services are also in the works.

Typically, Lenovo’s investment budget is 30% of its revenue, but that’s expected to be increased this year. The company plans to double its sales staff and add more value to its products. It also plans on focusing on the smartphone market by introducing several new smartphone devices to the Thailand market. Currently, Lenovo is not one of the top five vendors of tablets and smartphones. The company hopes to change that in the near future.

Jeerawut also added that Lenovo donates 50-100 computers to schools in some of Thailand’s most remote areas.