Lenovo’s New Vibe Shot Smartphone Looks like a Camera


Only hours after announcing its new line of tablets, Lenovo unveiled a new smartphone: Vibe Shot. And if you didn’t know any better, you might mistake it for a camera.

Lenovo Vibe S Shot

The Vibe Shot is a 2-in-1 camera phone with a slender, minimalistic look. At first glance, the rear of the phone looks just like a digital point-and-shoot camera. And it’s ultra-lightweight with 7.3mm thick aluminum frame. With a 5” HD display, the Vibe Shot is pretty impressive.

Lenovo’s new smartphone is more than just looks. Its 16MP rear camera is the real star of the show. The Vibe Shot’s camera comes equipped with a slew of features, including a 6-piece modular lens, color that’s based on surrounding light, a photo luminosity feature, tricolor flash, low-light sensor and image stabilization. The infrared focus allows for quicker focusing, the volume rocker doubles as a zoom control and the phone even features a physical shutter button. And if you’re a selfie fanatic, you’ll be happy to learn that the Vibe Shot also boasts an 8MP front camera.

Lenovo Vibe Shot

With such a high quality camera packed into a handheld smartphone, Lenovo wanted to make sure users knew how to use it to its full potential. A toggle on the side of the phone allows you to switch between “Pro” and “Smart” modes when taking photos. The Smart mode is for everyday users. It’s equivalent to the “Auto” feature on a digital camera. It will guide you through framing the image and selecting the right settings. It’ll even tell you if the image is “perfect” or “good”. The Pro setting gives you more control over the camera, such as white balance and ISO.

The Vibe Shot will ship with Android Lollipop. As for its other features, the phone will come equipped with 32GB of storage, a microSD card slot for 128GB cards, Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, LTE and Wi-Fi capabilities, and dual-SIM compatibility.


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