LG finally launches a smartphone you may actually want to buy


LG haven’t done a great deal to wow audiences with their smartphones after taking the lead with larger screens.

However, they are now set to launch a ‘Plus’ version of their flagship LG G6 device.

No launch date has been announced but the G6 Plus will come with 128GB of internal storage compared to its predecessors 32GB.

On top of that, it will have a 32-bit Hi-Fi DAC headphone jack that supports hi-res audio.

Also included is a pair of B&O headphones which should offer an excellent sound experience for users.

The phone will be available in Optical Black, Terra Gold and Marine Blue – no whites or greys area available here.

LG G6 Plus

LG have announced that wireless charging will be available in ‘some’ countries but failed to elaborate on where they will be.

The G6 Plus is quite a bit different from the standard G6.

The 5.7-inch screen remains however, as too does the same Snapdragon 821 processor and 4GB of RAM, but it does have new software including ‘Face Print’.

This will apparently make locking and unlocking your phone far easier.

A ‘lenz’ warning is also available telling you when your fingers are covering the dual cameras on the back of the phone.

The battery life is also said to be extended thanks to a dose of Low Power Consumption tech.

LG is yet to confirm pricing and a release date for the new handset.


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