LG G4 smartphone beats Samsung and Apple phones in surveys


LG is launching its flagship smartphone, the G4 in the US, the biggest smartphone market in the world. The device is the fourth model in the G-series, which was released in Asia at the same time that it was unveiled to the global market on April 29th. US-based mobile operators like Verizon and Sprint will release the G4 as early as May, but surveys have found that consumers are more turned onto the G4 than phones by Samsung and Apple.

LG G4 anticipation growing

LG has held the third spot in global sales for smartphones over the few years, often saying that it wants the “meaningful third place” position, or at least to narrow the gap with Samsung. The G4 is key to that success in the US market at least.

Now a new US-based survey by research firm Strategy Analytics, says that LG has take a 12% market share last year, and third place in overall smartphone sales volume, but what stands out is that LG gained 4.8% while Apple and Samsung dropped 1.4% and 1% respectively.

LG G4With the G4 pending imminent release in the US, local media and consumers are showing increasing anticipation. IT media site GSM Arena says that according to a recent survey of premium smartphone preferences, the G5 beat competing models, ranking first place.

The survey says the G4 beat the iPhone 6 by a wide margin with 5,827 versus 1,494 votes, plus a victory of the Samsung Galaxy S6 which received only 3,485 votes versus the G4’s 3,560 in another poll.

But while all these polls sound great news for LG, in reality the biggest selling smartphone in the US is the iPhone 6, and that’s unlikely to change any time soon. Furthermore, if the surveys were conducted near the time of the iPhone 6S launch in September this year, I daresay the results would be somewhat different…

SOURCE: Business Korea.


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