LG patents smartphone that can turn into a tablet


It’s no secret that major brands such as Samsung and Apple are working on foldable phones but it seems that LG are now considering something similar too.

The Samsung Galaxy X is expected to be unveiled later this year but the LG version, with newly filed patents, is hot on the heels of the South Korean giant with their own bid to revolutionise the mobile device sector.

The patents show a device the size of a tablet that folds away to be the size of a smartphone and comes just after similar filings showing LG is working on a flexible device that came in a clamshell design.

In addition, the device is likely to have two distinct bends as opposed to the one that many other manufacturers are considering.

The device will be “Eagle Magpie” which effectively means that it can be folded down to just a third of its normal size.

The Samsung X is believed to start out as a smartphone that can be extended to a tablet whereas the LG version works in reverse and starts out as a tablet that can be collapsed down to smartphone size for travel purposes.

Although details are currently thin on the ground, LG’s past patents have shown a 7-inch tablet that can be squeezed down into a 5-inch smartphone form at will.

It’s currently unclear when LG would release such a device.

However, with Samsung expected to launch 100,000 units later this year, LG may look to move quickly with foldable phones expected to be the new frontier in smartphone design.

H/T: GSMInfo


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