LG develops world’s thinnest touch panel for laptops


Everyone loves thin-and-light laptops these days, and part of the reason why they can be manufactured as such is due to the display. A thinner display means a thinner lid or device thickness.

South Korea’s LG is one of the world leaders in making all kinds of displays, and they have just announced this week the world’s thinnest full LCD touch screen for laptops, which combines LCD and touch sensors, and will be available later this year.

LG makes thinner and lighter screen

The company has made an in-cell touch full HD LCD panel using its so-called Advanced In-cell Touch (AIT) technology. They have previously used a kind of add touch screen tech that puts a touch panel on top of an LCD panel as an extra layer.

However, the in-cell type of display doesn’t need cover glass or additional bezel space, which means it can be made thinner and lighter, as well as improved brightness as it reflects less light.

The latest developments that LG has invented reduces the panel thickness by a millimetre (about 25%) and its weight by 200 grams (a 30% reduction) compared with current 15 to 16-inch touch panels with full HD resolution.

An LG official said: “LG Display signed contracts with multiple global laptop manufacturers to supply its latest lightweight 15.6 inch and 14 inch displays for their premium notebooks in the latter half of 2015”.

SOURCE: BusinessKorea.


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