LG announces a TV thinner than a smartphone


LG has recently doubled output of its unique organic LED (OLED) television line up and released super slim TVs just 4.8 mm thick, igniting competition for extremely thin sets in the global market.

On August 2nd, LG reduced the thickness of three of its 55-inch Ultra OLED TV sets to 4.8 mm. When you think that most phones these days are around 6-7 mm thick, that makes the new TVs thinner the most smartphones…

LG televisions lose weight

With the new models being unveiled, LG hung five of its new OLED TVs from the ceiling with wires, to stress how light they are – weighing in at just 14 kilos.

But Japan’s Sony, which is trying to revive its status as a global leader in electronic products, is one of hte few companies that currently competes with LG in terms of thin televisions. Sony recently unveiled its XBR X900C and X910C Bravia 4K Ultra HD sets (what a mouthful!) just 4.9 mm thick.

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A company called DisplaySearch, which specialises in research into display tech, analysed how Sony made the tech possible. By using 2 mm light guide plates, with 1-2 mm optical sheets and 1-2 mm glass substrates, they’ve managed to produce LCD televisions under 5 mm thick, which was previously thought impossible.

The company noted that there is doubt however that customers are willing to pay substantially more for thinner TVs, as they don’t have to carry them around. Computers on the other hand are a different story.

Another Korea tech giant, Samsung, produces televisions between 6 and 9 mm thick, but has said it will focus on ensuring internal stability, rather than technical features, as it’s currently not a great time for the TV industry, which has razor thin margins.

LG previously unveiled a roll-up television that was just 1 mm thick, but that’s a concept and isn’t yet commercially available, unlike the models just announced.

SOURCE: BusinessKorea.


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