LG Uplus and Nokia developing 5G technology in South Korea


LG Uplus has announced a deal with Nokia to develop fifth generation network technologies in South Korea.

As part of the agreement, LG and Nokia (NASDAQ:NOK) will develop technologies related to long term advanced (LTE-A) and 5G networks, as well as working to try and find a more efficient way of transitioning to the high speed 5G networks.

According to LG Uplus: “We hope to acquire core technologies of the 5G network that will overcome the limits of the LTE network through the strategic alliance with Nokia.”

This news follows a similar move by Nokia in Japan, where it has also begun trials of the 5G network.

5G which promises super fast download speeds and is set to emerge as the industry standard by 2020.

Whilst 5G is still very much just a concept, mobile telecommunications companies around the world are starting to test and develop technologies relating to 5G.

In July 2014, Swedish telecommunications provider Ericsson set a new 5G record with its new Multiple Input Multiple Output technology.

In October 2014, Samsung set its own record with speeds of 7.5Gbps mobile speeds in its 5G trial.

What does this mean for your average user? Well at this stage, not a great deal. But it is certainly worth keeping an eye on and does signify that super high speed internet is on its way.

Countries like South Korea, which has been at the forefront of developing mobile broadband networks has already committed more than $1.5 billion to ensure its national telecommunications companies establish 5G in the country within the next 5 years.

Of course, web users in Thailand could be forgiven for greeting this news of high speed mobile internet in South Korea with an almighty groan given that a 4G network is still to be properly established in the country.

Although the government has given its go ahead to 4G and testing has begun in some areas around Thailand, the introduction of 5G, at this stage at least, seems a very long way off indeed.

Source: LG Uplus