LG teases UX 4.0 for its new smartphones


LG Electronics this week revealed its UX 4.0 skin for Android, which attempts to “make life convenient but even smarter”.

LG unveils new interface for Android smartphones

The Korean company said it would show the LG UX 4.0 on its new G4 smartphone, which is supposedly available at end of this month. The new interface will also make its way to other products in future.

According to those in the know, LG UX 4.0 is very simple and easy to use, with a lot of customisation and convenient features similar to other smartphones.

A new feature called Quick Shot lets you immediately take a picture even when the phone is locked, just by pressing the volume down button twice.

LG UX 4.0

The Smart Board feature brings together information from sources like calendars, music and health into a single screen where you can see them all instantly.

In terms of camera functionality, UX 4.0 adds several different user modes, including a special Expert mode, which enables the user to achieve photos just that little bit closer to professionals with various customisation options and more advanced controls.

There is also a new Calendar app, that allows dragging and dropping of events from social networks into the phone’s camera.

Gallery has also been updated, now showing photos grouped by date or location.

LG appears to have put a lot of effort into UX 4.0, and hopefully it will make using Android a little easier but without the bloatware and unnecessary features we have come to expect from lots of Android phones, which tend to be heavily skinned with useless customisations.

SOURCE: Business Korea