LINE launches ‘Line@’ to connect fans with brands


Mobile messaging platform Line has just launched a new app called Line@ to help business and personal brands to connect with their fans, clients and customers.

Line launches Line@

Called Line@, the new app is available free on both iOS and Android and enables account holders to send batch messages to their followers that use Line’s standard messaging app, but also chat one to one with ‘friended’ users and share posts on their home page and timeline. They will also have access to daily statistics such as how many friends have been added, block rates, and responses to posts on the timeline. Almost like Facebook Insights (used by page admins) for instant messaging.

Line@ Screens

Any brands that use Line@ can access the new service in a standard web browser, in order to manage relationships with all their followers, but as well as the features in the app, the desktop version allows users the ability to create pages that feature coupons, contests, polls and much more.

Line@ Branded Messages

Line@’s branded messages.

Line@ is flexible in that there is a free or paid plan – the free one allows up to 1,00 messages to be sent to followers each month, whereas the paid plan costs $50 per month but allows 50,000 messages, including ones with images and links. That also provides brands the option to send even more messages at $0.01 per message. Brands can also sign up for a personalised premium ID for one year, which costs $24 and $12 every year thereafter.

Line@ Chat

Line@ Chat.

With more companies and brands using messaging apps such as Snapchat to connect with their audience more directly, Line@ could be a boon for businesses where Line is already established and popular.

Line has also launched a variety of other initiatives recently, like mobile money transfer and payment, as well as a streaming video channel in Thailand, and home grocery deliveries, as well as investing in startups such as Japanese online video company 3Minute.

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