A peek inside LINE’s quirky Bangkok office


If you live in Thailand and own a smartphone, the chances are you will be familiar with the messaging app LINE.

Whilst the app is still lesser known in places like the United States and most of Europe (with the exception of Spain), LINE has more than 400 million users world wide but remains most popular in Asia, where there is said to be 50 million users in Japan, whilst 33 million people are said to regularly use the app in Thailand.

The company even opened its Bangkok HQ in March 2014 according to The Next Web, which is a base for public relations and marketing in the country. The colourful characters in reception and the cafeteria are indicative of the company’s sense of fun and are certainly a far cry from the traditional dull offices of most corporations!

LINE culture in Asia

LINE culture in Asia is massive and the company even has its own shows which sell all kinds of merchandise such as shirts, toys, stationary and stickers featuring all the LINE characters.

Line Café

The LINE cafeteria at the company’s HQ in Bangkok. pic: Natt Garun – The Next Web

The Next Web also reported that LINE has even formed a partnership with a local production studio to make original drams for users to stream for free, with soap opera content in Thailand. The app is also available in Taiwan, but there’s licenses Taiwanese and Korean content instead.

In the US though, LINE has 25 million users, but the company has not yet revealed the number of active users. The company even sponsored Cycle 21 of “America’s Next Top Model” and managed to get ads all over radio stations. Taylor Swift has even got in on the LINE action!

With recent announcements by Facebook to host news content and more stickers, it seems that what’s currently popular in LINE is starting to make its way to western-owned social media apps. It remains to be seen however, how far LINE can grow its user base in the west, in face of increasingly stiff competition.

SOURCE: The Next Web



  1. LordSnootyandHisPals on

    Line is targeted mostly at Asians, particularly women, who like cutesy icons and stuffed toys such as those in the pictures above. It is also rather intrusive, not to say irritating, in its insistence.
    Age group 12 -28, anyone older or Caucasian will find it rather sick-making.