LINE messages being monitored by Thai government


The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Ministry in Thailand has confirmed it is monitoring LINE message conversations.

According to The Nation, ICT minister Pornchai Rujiprapa said: “We can monitor all the nearly 40 million LINE messages sent by people in Thailand each day.”

“If you receive LINE messages that offend the monarchy and threaten national security, you can lodge a complaint with police. We can trace where the messages originally come from,” said Pornchai, who was speaking at a press conference at Government House, where a new LINE Sticker campaign was being launched to help to promote Thailand’s 12 national core values.

LINE messages - 12 core values stickers

The 12 core values LINE stickers will look something like this

Deputy Prime Minister Yongyuth Yuthavong also spoke to defend the LINE campaign which has cost 7.1 million Baht, insisting the spending is worthwhile, reports the Bangkok Post.

The 12 core values LINE stickers are available to download for free from December 30 to January 28 2015. Pornchai said he expects the stickers to be downloaded as many as 3.5 million times.