LINE TV launches in Thailand


LINE has launched a new YouTube style video service in Thailand.

The company, which is best known for its hugely popular instant messaging and chat app of the same name has launched LINE TV.

LINE TV is available on iOS, Android or via the web and includes a host of popular TV shows and music videos from Thailand, Korea and Japan, reports Jon Russell at TechCrunch.

LINE TV is currently free to use, however, it only features TV shows in Thai language at present.

With the service integrated into the LINE messaging app, users are able to easily share video content with their LINE friends and follow the official accounts of the actors and TV shows which feature on LINE TV.

LINE is sourcing the content for its video service from a number of different content providers, most notably GMM Grammy and Thairath TV, as well as providing its own content which is centred around some of the characters in its sticker collection.

LINE boasts more than 30 million users in Thailand and earlier last week launched its own online grocery shopping service in Thailand.

Whilst LINE TV is more akin to YouTube rather than a Netflix style service, more video streaming services are set to launch in Thailand this year.

It was recently announced that HOOQ, a joint venture between SingTel, Warner Bros and Sony Pictures Television will launch a video streaming service in Thailand by this coming May.

Other related news regarding video streaming this week saw Netflix announce it is to launch in Japan, which represents the company’s first foray into Asia.

Source: TechCrunch