LINE upbeat as company continues to dominate the Thai market


LINE announced yesterday that they have 41 million registered users out of the 44 million people in Thailand accessing the internet through mobile devices daily.

The application company said that 94% of Thais were using their service.

Usage is around an average of 70 minutes per day for many people – a large chunk of the three to four hours that one in three mobile internet users in Thailand spend on their devices.

Ariya Phanoyong, Line’s Thailand manager said that last year saw tremendous growth for the company in Thailand and this was set to continue in 2017.

Ariya Phanoyong, Line's Thailand manager

Ariya Phanoyong, Line’s Thailand manager

The company have been expanding into the rapidly growing online TV market through Line TV.

Advertising revenue is showing ever increasing revenue growth, he said in a conference promoting the company.

The company is also doing well in E-commerce with an increasing number of people doing business through the Line application now billed as the “mobile portal” for the internet.

Areas such as LINEMAN have been successful. This is a parcel delivery service that also is used by many customers to deliver food of various kinds.

Ariya said that the company was now much more than just online chat with exclusive content now available through their TV arm.

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