Littergram begs Facebook to drop litigation


The British app Littergram has been ordered by Facebook to change its name as they feel that it is too similar to Instagram.

All this comes as a blow to the British man who has launched a crusade to clean up Britain’s streets. Danny Lucas created the app it the hope that he could address the country’s growing litter problem but it appears that his attempts may have been thwarted by Mark Zuckerberg.

The intention of the app is for users to report incidents of fly tipping or littering along with a photo. This will then allow local authorities to deal with the problem more efficiently.

In 2015 thousands of “grot spots” were reported but all that now appears to be under threat as Facebook has ordered the name change due to the use of the “gram” suffix.


Lucas has beg Facebook to instruct their lawyers Bairstows to withdraw the action claiming that the name is already well known and is merely an attempt to “put the Great back into Britain”.

He claims that all of the hard work will have been lost and that he would have to revert “back to the drawing board and start all over again”.

The original letter was dated 14 April and Littergram had until 28 April to respond to the demands after which the app will have three to six months to rebrand the service.

Facebook has yet not responded to requests for comment.


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