Who are the “Lizard Squad” hackers?


Who are the hackers known a Lizard Squad – the group which is allegedly responsible for bringing down Microsoft and Sony’s gaming networks over Christmas?

Frustrated gamers using the popular services found they couldn’t access them to play games, but they seem to have been restored over the weekend. The Xbox Live page on Saturday said that services were back, and Sony sent a tweet earlier today to say services would be back soon.

Those gaming services were taken down by a distributed denial of service (DDos) attack which basically means that the sites were flooded with traffic, making them pretty much unusable.

The hackers go by the name Lizard Squad, but this isn’t the first time that they’ve attached such high profile gaming companies.

Who is Lizard Squad?

Hackers from Lizard Squad have said they targeted the sites “because we can”, highlighting the flaws in the Microsoft and Sony services. It’s quite incredible in this day and age that huge corporations like that can still succumb to hacking by a small number of individuals.

Lizard Squad also have a Twitter account, which they use to post hacking threats or to highlight recent targets. They also promise to stop hacks on specific sites if people donate $1 to their PayPal accounts, though it’s unknown how many people actually have donated and whether that’s a serious promise.

Lizard Squad - Twitter

Other targets by Lizard Squad recently include EA Games and Xbox Live at the start of December. The group even mentioned weeks ago that they would target Xbox Live during Christmas, but it seems that Microsoft was unable to do anything about it even with the advance warning.

Lizard Squad

“Microsoft will receive a wonderful Christmas present from us,” they said. The PlayStation Network also fell victim to a hack they claimed responsibility for in August, which led to the diversion of an American Airlines jet which had a Sony executive as a passenger after various threats to the plane were made.

Highlighting what seems to be an increase in high profile hacking in recent months, Sony Pictures Entertainment was also hit by a massive cyber-attach which was credited to the North Korean regime, in which data and employee details were stolen and leaked online.