Looking for an Evernote alternative? Here are 10 great note taking apps iOS and Android


Evernote was once the go to app for those who wanted a smarter approach when it came to note taking and improving productivity.

However, following last week’s announcement that is would be restricting use of its free service, while at the same time raising prices of its paid subscriptions by almost 40 percent, the app has no faced a backlash from angry users.

For anyone looking for an Evernote alternative, there are of course a whole heap of them for both Android and iOS users.

Some are free, some you have to pay for but all of them make a decent alternative to the one time darling of the note taking apps.

1. OneNote (Free)

Microsoft’s OneNote is available on both iOS and Android and is a standalone note taking app. It offers users a number of features such as organisational features, widgets, support for voice and photo additions to the notes. This is pretty powerful and a great app to have if you are a fan of the Microsoft apps.

2. Squid (Free)

Squid is a multiplatform app that is available on both iOS and Android which is designed to help you map out your ideas either using your finger tip or a stylus. You can cut and paste, zoom in and out as well as being able to easily sort them out, export them and also share with others.

3. Simple Note (Free)

Simple Note is again available on Android and iOS and is exactly what it says on the tin – a simple note taker. It takes away all the frills and therefore is far simpler and much easier to use. Any notes that have been accidently deleted can be easily restored which is a nice little feature.

4. Google Keep (Free)

This is available on the Android only and is a highly visual app that is great if you are looking to do things in a hurry. You can type or speak to this app and this in turn allows you to enter items in a list, add a comment to previous notes or to a photo. It has an alarm reminder that can also be useful.

5. Note Shelf ($5.99)
Note Shelf is available on iOS and allows you to create separate files which can be handy from an organisational point of view. The app caters more for sketching although it has all the necessary features to allow you to type notes as you would expect. If you like sketch notes, then this is the app for you!

6. ColorNote (Free)

ColorNote is available on the Android and is a simple note taking app that allows you to create lists and straight forward notes. The colour coding features certainly helps with organisation. It has a calendar and can be backed up both internally or through cloud based storage.

7. Penultimate (Free)

Penultimate is available on iOS or more specifically on the iPad. This is a popular option for those who like using a stylus. You can scribble down notes and draw diagrams. You can organise your notes by project, topic or category and it even recognises printed words. This can be integrated with Evernote so is an option for those looking at moving away from this app without losing their previous work.

8. Fast Notepad (Free)

Fast Notepad is available on Android and is new on the scene and is getting some cracking reviews. This is a simple note taking app that does the job very well. This is ideal for those wanting something quick and simple.

9. Lecture Notes ($3.59)

This is another app available on Android and as the name would suggest is designed for students. This is again an easy to use app that has PDF support as well as audio and video recording capabilities.

10. Paper by FiftyThree (Free)

Available on iOS, this is aimed more at the artistic aspects of writing. If you like drawing diagrams or highlighting notes with different colour pens or pencils – not to mention paint brushes then this is you. This certainly goes beyond average note taking!


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