New Microsoft Lumia 540 phones to have Line pre-installed


The extremely popular and free Line app will be pre-installed on Microsoft’s upcoming Lumia 540 smartphone, reflecting its massive popularity around the world.

Lumia 540 comes with Line app

“The Lumia 540 will be pre-installed with the Line application, although it does not mean that all of the future Lumia lineups will do so too,” said an official from Naver, the Japanese company that makes Line. “However, our company will continue to expand such ties around the globe”.

The official Lumia 540 web page shows Line — which boasts millions of members — on the device, as well as other popular social networking apps like Facebook and Skype.

Microsoft Lumia 540

Industry commentators say that the new deal between Naver and Microsoft reflects the popularity of Line, which is growing steadily, with around 180 million monthly active users.

“As the Lumia 540 is a budget smartphone aiming for the global market, it needs to emphasize basic features,” an industry watcher said. “Thus, it can be understood that Line is now recognized as one of the most widely-used applications”. The price tag of the Lumia 540 is estimated at $150.

Naver has also teamed up with other major smartphone manufacturers to expand Line’s reach around the world. Samsung and Sony have both pre-installed Line on their smartphones for shipments to markets like Vietnam and Thailand, where Line is the number one social messaging app.

And last year, Naver also purchased the MixRado music streaming service from Microsoft, expanding its ties with some of the global tech players.

SOURCE: The Korea Herald


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