MacBook Air survives 1,000 feet fall from plane


Have you ever flinched in a panic when you’ve nearly knocked an expensive laptop or phone off a desk or coffee table? Thankfully, that’s something that doesn’t happen very often. But imagine if you were to drop some expensive kit like a MacBook Air out of a plane!

MacBook Air – almost indestructible

A pilot claims that’s exactly what happened to his MacBook Air. Spotted by Apple fan site 9to5Mac, a Reddit user known as Redditor av8or uploaded some photos which show what little damage was actually done to the MacBook – except for a shattered trackpad, some bent corners and a broken cooling fan.

Here’s the picture – and amazingly it shows that the Mac still works:

MacBook Air

According to av80r’s post on Reddit, he was flying a small plan over South Africa when the canopy popped open, and his Thule bag which contained his computer (and some ID) flew out. It turns out that a farmer found the strange bag containing the MacBook Air and ID, which helped him to track down the pilot on Facebook and return his machine.

The pilot wrote that he was “thoroughly impressed” by the man’s efforts to return the bag and MacBook Air. But more impressive is the condition of his laptop after it fell from such a height – however, anyone that knows anything about physics and terminal velocity would tell you that falling from 1,000 feet is likely the same as falling from 500 feet (somebody please work out those maths!).

MacBook Air

iPhone falls out of plane, unscathed

In the midst of allegations of bendy iPhones, Angela Dalton dropped an iPhone out of an airplane over Dothan, Alabama in the U.S., which landed in the front yard of Eric Hall – shown in the left of the photo below. That was in 2013, when Dalton lost grip on her iPhone while trying to take a picture out of the window of a small plane. It apparently fell 1,400 feet and survived the drop, and was then returned to the lucky owner in working condition! She was apparently using a SYSTM iPhone case, however, which are known to be pretty durable.

iPhone Falls From Plane

SOURCE: Yahoo News

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