MacBook owners need to update OS X immediately or face being infected with Spyware


Apple has released an urgent update for OS X El Capitan and Yosemite to fix a huge security flaw in its operating system.

The exploit is believed to be the same zero day vulnerability that recently hit iOS users.

Apple has also released an update to its popular web browser Safari.

The update is to fix a flaw that could allow cyber criminals to take control of your computer by tricking you into clicking on a malicious link and infecting your machine with Spyware.

According to the official release notes from Apple, the security update for OS X will prevent Mac apps disclosing some of its kernel memory and executing code with kernel privileges.

The security fix for Safari patches a memory corruption issue that could allow a malicious site to take control of your web browser.

Both of these updates are available now and users are advised to install them immediately.

To install the new security update for OS X, visit the Mac App Store and launch the Updates tab.

The news comes on the back of a dangerous and similar piece of Spyware was discovered in the Middle East.

The Spyware was able to infect iPhones by exploiting a previously unknown weakness in iOS.

If compromised, hackers would be able to take control of a victim’s iPhone, and was able to read all SMS, emails and track all calls. It could even record passwords and trace the location of the phone.

Apple has since issued a patch which closed the vulnerability in iOS.

The exploit in iOS was allegedly created by a shadowy group linked to cyber espionage known as the NSO Group, which reportedly operates out of Israel.


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