Mailbox: Probably the best email app going


When Mailbox first launched on iOS a couple of years ago, it quickly became one of the most popular email client apps around.

In fact, it was so popular that several of my Fanboy mates signed up to the waiting list eagerly hoping for their chance to download Mailbox in order to try and reach the seemingly ever elusive ‘inbox zero’.

If you’re a heavy email user like me, the idea of inbox zero seemed nothing short of a myth, only reached by people who don’t actually use their email all that much.

Not only am I inundated with emails at all hours of the day, I’m one of those people that emails themselves interesting things I see online or reminders for work, so that my inbox almost doubles up as my things to do list. Whilst, kind of working, the end result is that my email inbox is a mess.

Or at least it was a mess.

After Mailbox was released on Android earlier this year, I’ve managed to reclaim my email inbox.

Not only that but I reach zero inbox on a daily basis.

No longer do I loathe logging in to my email in some kind of lame attempt at keeping my head above the clutter infested waters of my Gmail account.

For too long, my email was out of control. But now, thanks to Mailbox, I’m fighting back and it feels good. It feels real good.

An introduction to Mailbox

Right now Mailbox only works with Gmail and iCloud accounts but I’d imagine this will be updated in the not too distant future. What really sets Mailbox apart from just regular email apps is its super simple and incredibly effective approach to managing your email inbox.

From the app you can navigate around your inbox as you would normally, but the easy way of archiving, deleting and scheduling email reminders for a point in the future with a just a swipe to the left or right is so simple and straightforward you’ll wonder how you ever dealt with email in any other way.

The snooze feature in particular is the part I like most about Mailbox.

This lets me snooze any emails in my inbox until later in the day, or tomorrow, or to any point in the future that I want to deal with particular email.

I use this feature to snooze less important mail towards the end of the working day, leaving me time to focus on more important tasks earlier in the day when I’m fresh and my first dose of caffeine has me firing on all cylinders.

Emails from friends or relatives will often get snoozed until after 7pm by which time I’m normally out of the office.

The point why the snooze function is so great is that I’m no longer distracted by unimportant emails which in all honesty can wait until some other time. It’s so useful that I can’t help but wonder why this hasn’t been a feature on email for years.

mailbox on android Mailbox on Android Mailbox on Android


Mailbox the inspiration for other email clients?

I tested out Google’s new Inbox service recently too and maybe I’m wrong, but I reckon the developers at Google, shall we say, have been ‘inspired’ by Mailbox in designing what some are calling the long term replacement for Gmail.

The two apps now seem pretty similar in the way they work.

If you feel overwhelmed by your email and want a clutter free, easy to manage inbox then you won’t go far wrong with Mailbox.

It’s so simple, easy to learn and even easier to use that after just a couple of hours, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Available on both iOS and Android, here’s an in depth review of Mailbox: