Major adds ‘on demand’ film service


MAJOR Cineplex Group yesterday announced the launch of a Movie on Demand service, claiming it as a first for Thailand.

Under the service, which is aimed at increasing the number of movie-goers and admissions by acquiring new groups of potential customers, audiences are able to vote for their most favourite movies seen at Major Cineplex screens.

 The popularity of movies by the votes garnered will be displayed at some of the company’s cinemas.

Narut jiasanong, marketing director of Major Cineplex Group, said the new strategy will focus on segmentation marketing to gain new potential customers.

“Movie on Demand will be a new choice for the movie lovers of today,” said Narut. “Movie goers have usually faced a problem for watching their favourite films as they have no free time available, or even missing the show times offered by our cinemas. They, however, still want to watch them on cinema.”

Narut expected the company’s Movie on Demand service will help increase volume of admissions and number of movie goers to its cinemas.

Major Cineplex has a variety of segments of customers. The group is the first cinema operator to launch a member card campaign, called “M Generation”, with more than 4.5 million members registered. They are: M Gen Regular with 2,326,647 members (general customers aged between 24 and 60); M Gen Student with 1,785,015 members (students aged between 13 and 23); M Gen Kids with 282,235 members (children under 13); and M Gen Freedom with 102,506 members (those over 60).

In addition Major Cineplex said it has a created a new alternative market for children, with the launch of new theatre, Kodomo Kids Cinema, at Megabangna, on May 11.

“We launched Movie on Demand as a new alternative for movie lovers, which is the first ever in Thailand. Customers can vote for their favourite movies they missed for watching and have already out of theatres, for being shown again in selected cinemas upon their requests,” said Narut.

There are five types of movies for voting including Wining-Award Movies, Recommended Movies, Hollywood Movies, Thai Movies, Asian Movies include Japan, Korean, and Chinese. The voting will be opened on June 18. The new Movie on Demand service will launch at 24 cinema locations, of which 17 are in Bangkok and seven upcountry.

Major Cineplex Group has currently operated cinemas at 141 locations, comprising 733 screens and 166,444 seats totally. About 135 branches are in Thailand, comprising 705 screens and 159,257 seats totally, and six branches, comprising 33 screens and 7,187 seats in overseas (four branches with 24 screens in Cambodia and two branches with nine screens in Laos).


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