Major changes coming YouTube app – here’s what you need to know


YouTube will soon have some pretty impressive new features including an Incognito Mode and a Dark Theme.

It will also make it easier for users to skip ads on videos although at this stage it isn’t clear when the features will launch although code found in the app suggests that it may just be around the corner.

The code was spotted by 9to5 Google and they report that a Dark Theme could soon come to the app and this would follow on in line with the YouTube website that introduced the theme last year.

You can try it out by clicking the account symbol, selecting Dark Theme and turning “Activate Dark Theme” on.

The white them is regarded as being too bright for night time viewing and a largely black theme would be far easier on the eyes.

The Incognito mode would allow users to view content without it appearing in their history and the code suggests that it would be a similar icon to that used on Google’s Incognito mode.

You can already pause your watch and search history however it can be quite difficult to find as it is buried deep in the Settings menu and definitely isn’t immediately obvious.

Future versions of the YouTube app could also let you skip ads by swiping them away, rather than tapping a button in the bottom-right corner of the video window.

Google, which owns YouTube, collects detailed data on people’s viewing habits, using them to customise suggested videos. 

You can find out more here and look at what YouTube knows about you by visiting My Activity.


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