Major flaw found with Samsung’s Galaxy S8 facial recognition feature


It appears that the facial recognition feature on the new Samsung Galaxy S8 has a major flaw.

The feature which allows users to unlock their phone by looking at the front-facing camera can be tricked by using just a photo, it has been claimed.

According to tests carried out by YouTube channel iDevice Help, Samsung’s facial recognition feature is terribly insecure.

A video by iDevice Help shows the feature being fooled by a photograph of the phone’s owner after the image is held up to the facial scanner.

If you’re planning to buy the Galaxy S8, which is due for release on April 21,and are concerned about privacy, it is recommended that you stick to using the fingerprint reader or good old fashioned PIN – or best still use the iris scanner.

Samsung have previously said facial recognition isn’t actually a security feature and is only meant to offer a more convenient way to access the Home screen. However, it is still alarming that it can be so easily fooled.

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