Major security threat after 32TB of Windows 10 source code is leaked online


There are major security fears for Windows 10 users after Microsoft confirmed some of its source code had been leaked online.

Microsoft confirmed the leak that appeared on the website BetaArchive was genuine and that the leaked information was usually only accessible to their trusted partners.

There were fears that 32TB of data had been leaked although it has since emerged that it was actually far less with Microsoft confirming to The Verge, that is was “just 1.2GB”.

“Our review confirms that these files are actually a portion of the source code from the Shared Source Initiative and is used by OEMs and partners,” confirmed a spokesperson.

The leak, which has now been removed, contained information on Windows 10’s USB, storage, WiFi drivers and ARM-specific OneCore kernel code along with private debugging symbols.

This information is removed from versions of Windows available to the general public but would give programmers and developers important information that could be used in a malicious way.

It is unknown how many people gained access to the information but could provide a major headache for Microsoft.

The news follows on from Microsoft users being targeted by the WannaCry virus the previous week which infected around 75,000 machines in 99 countries. Windows 10 was NOT effected as this attack was on older OS but resulted in Microsoft updating the outdated Microsoft XP OS.

General Manager of crisis management at Microsoft, Adrienne Hall said: “In reviewing the updates for this month, some vulnerabilities were identified that pose elevated risk of cyberattacks by government organisations, sometimes referred to as nation-state actors, or other copycat organisations.

“To address this risk, today we are providing additional security updates along with our regular Update Tuesday service.

“These security updates are being made available to all customers, including those using older versions of Windows.”


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