Major Windows 10 update to be released in 2017


Microsoft is reportedly working on a series of major updates for Windows 10 that will be released in 2017.

Codenamed ‘RedStone’, the updates will be released in two main phases and like the last major update released in November 2015, will be free and installed automatically.

The first phase of updates to be included in ‘RedStone 1’ are due for release in June 2017 and will focus on making improvements to its Universal App platform which allows Windows 10 users to access Windows apps across multiple devices.

Once the update is in place there should be great convergence between Xbox, PC and Phone, with the Windows Store expected to become a one stop shop for all media on the Windows ecosystem.

As part of the update, Microsoft will also focus on making more video game titles available on Xbox and Windows, meaning that users will be able to buy an Xbox game and also run it on their PC, which is something that Microsoft is currently starting to introduce.

There are also major updates planned for the Start Menu and Settings app, as well as improvements to the Notifications center which should give users greater control of the notifications they receive.

According to tech blog Winbeta, the planned upgrades to the Setting app will see the Control Panel lose some of its functions (and perhaps disappear altogether), with some functions instead being migrated to the unified Settings app.

Microsoft hopes this will address the confusing split between the Control Panel and Settings app that some users reported following the rollout of Windows 10.

Another interesting feature which is rumoured to be included in the major Windows 10 update is the ability to send a SMS from your PC or laptop. Users will also be able to make calls using their PC, due to an update to Microsoft’s Continuum platform.

The annual Microsoft BUILD conference opens on March 30 and the company is expected to provide some more detailed information on the new Redstone updates at the event.

Windows 10 currently has the fastest adoption rate of any Microsoft operating system with more than 200 million users activating the new OS by the end of 2015.

As always, Windows beta testers will get the first glimpse of the new updates through its Windows 10 Insider testing program.

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