Make Facebook less annoying with these handy tips


Most of us love Facebook but we all have to admit that it can be annoying when we are met by endless dross that we aren’t interested in.

However, there are plenty of tools within Facebook itself that allow you to tailor the content that you see to your own tastes and interests.

Here are a few of our handy tips:

Hide Unwanted Posts

A simple feature known as hide “posts like this”, can be activated by clicking on the three dots that appear on every post in the News Feed. This will result in you seeing less of that person or brand in future!


Let’s be honest, we all have friends on Facebook who we have no idea who they actually are! These are usually the people who post random pictures of food or feel the need to comment on everything. Simply unfollowing them will stop their posts appearing on your News Feed.

Create Lists

If you click on your Friend lists on the left hand side of the navigation bar you can select your favourite people via the Create List button.

Hide Adverts

If you keep seeing an advert you can click on the top right corner and select ‘Hide’ to banish the offending advert in future.

Tweak Your Preferences

Facebook does like to assume things about its users. However, if you go to the Facebook Advert settings page you can adjust your interests. You will still see adverts, but they are likely to be more relevant.

Stop Yourself Being Tagged

From your Timeline you can go to the tagging page and choose to review any posts that you have been tagged in.

Stay Off Facebook

If all else fails, you could stay away from the social media site altogether or significantly reduce the number of times that you visit it. A little extreme, but it will ease the frustration!


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