In Windows 10, automatic updates are mandatory for home users


Microsoft has been saying for a while now that Windows 10 is more a service that is continually updated rather than just being a piece of software that gets installed and then left.

Microsoft is making that viewpoint mandatory, and requiring that anyone who installs Windows 10 agrees to take the updates automatically. A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed on Thursday that the language is part of the official terms and conditions of new new operating system, which will be available from July 29th.

Windows 10 updates are mandatory

“The license terms for Windows 10 require Automatic Updates be enabled as a part of keeping our customers secure and delivering Windows as a service”, the company said in a statement. However, business users will be able to disable the automatic updates, to enable IT staff to test the updates before they are installed.

Previously, consumers could download and install upgrades automatically, but they could also do it manually. With Windows 10, users won’t have much say about the automatic updates and there won’t be an option to block them.

The move may cause some backlash for Microsoft, but it does offer some benefits. Microsoft has in the past had to spend a huge effort supporting older versions of Windows, and also suffer damage to its reputation that came from various security flaws that were later fixed in more recent version. Microsoft found that customers were often judging the software based on less than current versions.

If evidence were needed, more than half of Windows users today still run Windows 7, while the number running Windows 8.1 is nearly equivalent to those running the decade-old Windows XP.

In Windows 10, Microsoft obviously wants to change that. Besides requiring Windows 10 users stay up to date, the company is making it easy to obtain the new OS. The new version is free for most people upgrading their computers during the next year.

SOURCE: re/code.


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