Mark Zuckerberg’s social media accounts hacked


The social media accounts of Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg have been hacked.

According to reports, the accounts of the man who heads up the world’s biggest social network have been hacked on a number of social media sites including Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

On Sunday, a group of hackers calling themselves Ourmine claimed responsibility for the hack.

The group took to Twitter to brag about the hack and asked Mr Zuckerberg to contact them.

“Hey @finkd we got access to your Twitter & Instagram & Pinterest, we are just testing your security, please dm us,” read one Tweet.

The OurMine Twitter account has since been suspended.

Source: Engadget

Source: Engadget

Zuckberg’s Twitter account, which had not been active since 2012, was briefly taken offline but later returned with the tweets from the alleged hackers having been deleted, but not before tech site Engadget managed to grab a screenshots of the tweets.

The hackers also bragged about hacking Zuckerberg’s Instagram account although the claims have yet to be verified.

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Meanwhile, Twitter user Ben Hall, tweeted a screenshot of what appeared to Mark Zuckerberg’s hacked Pinterest page.

The hackers also tweeted that they had hacked the Facebook CEO’s LinkedIn account, revealing that his password was ‘dadda’.

The hackers also said that they were able to hack Zuckerberg’s social media accounts after they discovered his login credentials in the 117 million LinkedIn passwords which were stolen four years ago and which have recently been for sale on the dark web.

One possibility that hackers were allegedly able to access a number of accounts belonging to Mark Zuckerberg suggests that he may have used the same password and email addresses on a number of accounts.


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