Amp maker Marshall makes music-focused smartphone


Well known guitar amp and headphone company Marshall has branched out into the smartphone business, and while it won’t exactly have Apple and Samsung quaking in their boots, it’s the firm’s first mobile and comes with some fairly unique features – which might in fact make it to future Galaxy and iPhone devices if consumers like what they see (and hear).

Marshall “London” smartphone

The new Marshall London is basically an Android smartphone that runs Lollipop, and comes with a bunch of features for music lovers, with a dedicated chip for processing hi-re audio (such as uncompressed FLAC files), a pair of headphone jacks, and some nice Marshall Mode earbuds. There’s also a top-mounted button that acts as a shortcut to the phone’s music interface, as well as a five band equaliser, and a scroll wheel to adjust the volume very precisely, even when it’s in a pocket.

The London also has a user replaceable battery (quite rare nowadays) and a microSD card slot, a necessity if you’re going to store huge amounts of uncompressed music.

Marshall London SmartphoneThe phone has not yet been officially announced yet, but there’s a page on the Marshall Sweden website that has all the phone’s specs and feature list, and it can be pre-ordered for 4,995 Swedish Krona ($577 or  19,755 Thai Baht).

There’s been a growing trend of very specialised and highly differentiated smartphones in recent times. There are several ‘luxury’ devices from Vertu and Lamborghini for instance. Dual headphone jacks and hi-res audio capabilities seem like two features that ought to make their way to at least some of today’s current crop of flagship devices.

SOURCE: Wired.


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