Massive surge in demand for iPod Classics and old Nokia phones


Just two months after Apple announced it was to discontinue the iPod Classic, the devices are now selling online for as much as four times the original sales price.

The 160GB version of the iPod Classic, which has the capacity to store up to 40,000 songs has seen its popularity skyrocket in the run up to Christmas.

Since the device was retired in October, over 3,000 iPod Classics have been sold on eBay, whilst some have sold for close to $1,000 on Amazon.

According to Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook, the reasons for retiring the device is because key component are no longer available from various manufacturers and to completely redesign the device would be too challenging.

Even with the increase in popularity of subscription services such as Spotify changing the way people listen to music, it seems that music lovers still want to be able to use mass storage MP3 players and similar devices for accessing their music collection on the go.

For many music fans, the iPod Classic will be sorely missed, especially when you consider that the largest iPod sold currently is the iPod Touch 80GB, which only has half the storage capacity of the iPod Classic.

iPod Classic and Nokia 8210

Pic: Wikipedia, Nokia 8210 now worth hundreds of pounds

In fact, the iPod Classic isn’t the only retro device which seen demand increase of recent months. According to an interview posted on the Guardian website, versions of the Nokia 8210 and similar smaller sized phone by Motorola and Ericsson have been selling online for hundreds of pounds.

So if you’re one of the few mobile phone users who are yet to make the switch to a smartphone or phablet, rest assured that your decade old Nokia might actually be worth more than you could ever have imagined.



  1. Stephen Johnson on

    An iPod Classic’s what? Or do you mean iPod Classics (plural or multiple)? Classic’s is the possessive, suggesting the iPod Classic is possessing something eg. the iPod Classic’s owner

  2. Keith Exelby on

    That’s great I’ve got a few of these 8210’s plus the ‘Original 20GB Hard disc Sony Music player, which is still going strong and in excellent conditon.

  3. What a craze. I own an iPod Classic (160gb) and use it nearly every day for the past 3 years. True, I can stuff it with a lot of music and would miss it, the day it dies… But nowadays with storage so cheap, a 32 GB micro SD card will do it. Even a few… how much music can you store on a 32 GB card. Now I use my old HTC Sensation (the screen has some cracks) for listening to music when I’m driving on my bike (here where I live, in Thailand, police doesn’t bother to check). I wouldn’t want to use my iPod, because of the HD. But my phone can take some vibrations… and still plenty of music.
    The iPod stays in its craddle… safe for my needs at home…