Matternet is Testing Drone Deliveries in Switzerland


The Switzerland postal service will be testing drone-based deliveries this summer. Unlike package deliveries that have been tested in various parts of the world, the Swiss Post will be delivering postal mail with the help of Matternet, a company working on drones meant for delivery.

Light packages will be delivered as well – up to 1 kilogram in weight – in a 20 kilometer radius on one battery charge. The drone will be able to deliver documents, medicine and various other small packages.

The company has already tested its delivery services in Haiti to deliver packages and supplies to areas that would otherwise be inaccessible without flight. Matternet’s goal is to run three tests in Switzerland to test the service. Matternet is on record as having flown drones more than any other company in the world.

Matternet has said that “Quadcopters are one of the biggest innovations in the transportation industry. As technology advances, drones will be greatly improved and will be able to perform better in harsh weather environments.”

While the adaptation of drone deliveries is still years (or even decades) away, the main goal of these delivery services is to provide postal options to hard-to-reach destinations. Even areas ravaged by natural disasters would be able to have supplies and medications supplied to them via drone deliveries.


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